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Join our priced pleased customers and be pleasantly surprised by our affordable products. Our prices are well below the large chain department stores.



Want to know the secret to Bridal gorgeous? It’s confidence. Our make-up artist team delivers a confident beautiful bride. She is perfect and natural. She looks radiant and prepared. Our artist will give you a flawless look to glide down the aisle. Congratulations on your wedding. Thank you for selecting our services for a seamless-perfect day.
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  • Recently I was in LA and a friend took me to this fabulous place. I thought it was a store, but it turns out to be a moving beauty bus. Cute beyond belief. The only time I have seen anything close to this was in Paris. Each product I purchased, was great. I will use the Beauty Bus online store to keep them in supply. My next trip to LA will include a visit to Beth. And the headlights have eyelashes just like the beauty bus in Paris. What a great idea!- Sue L. - Chicago
  • My skin went from dry and sunken to supple and dewy! Beth is the best!- Summer W. / Hermosa Beach
  • Beth helped me find the right products for my skin. I have been a customer for 3 years now. Shopping on the bus saves me time and it is so fun. Everyone loves my skin, especially me.- Delores T. / Banning
  • I saw the beauty bus at a farmers market and curiosity made me step in. It’s a boutique on wheels with really nice quality beauty items. What blew me away were the prices too. I had been paying $ 50+ for face powder. Beth recommended Sorme for $ 30 and it has vitamins. I am liking the powder and this bus concept too.- Paula C. / Silverlake